Corporate Wellness Programs

Prioritizing employee health and well-being is vital for a successful workplace!

How Employees Benefit:

  • 62% of employees enrolled in a wellness program believe its lowered their healthcare costs

  • 38% of employees enrolled in a wellness program believe it helps them take fewer sick days

  • Employee moral is cited to be the most improved metric from implementing a wellness program

How Employers Benefit:

  • 63% of employers offering wellness programs report increased financial sustainability and growth

  • 77% of employees think wellness programs positively impact company culture

  • Companies with highly successful wellness programs generate 11% more revenue per employee and have 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year.

What makes Best Life, Simplified's Corporate Wellness Programs stand out?


Our programs are tailored to your company's needs.  Not every group of employees have the same goals or needs.  Best Life, Simplified conducts baseline research to identify the needs and interests of your employees in order to help us implement the most effective program.

Best Life, Simplifed provides 1:1 sessions for your most vulnerable employees, interactive programs and challenges for all employees, and access to content through a web-based and mobile application, and monthly webinars to keep employees engaged.  

Most importantly, this is not just a health coaching program.  Katie is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in human nutrition, a certified diabetes educator, and a board-certified lactation consultant.  With ten years of clinical experience, Katie is able to help individuals understand how their bodies work which allows them to make purposeful, research-based changes to feel their best.  


Did you know?

Research shows that an employee wellness program will benefit your employees in addition to providing important benefits to the employer.  We strongly believe that the wellness programs offered by Best Life, Simplified are the best available!  We can also help you determine if your current health plan has any additional wellness money to help support the implementation of a comprehensive employee wellness program!  

Choosing an employee wellness program is a big decision!  Let's get started by scheduling a meeting to discuss all of your needs!

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