Lactation Consulting

We are passionate about helping you reach your feeding goals!  Education and support are crucial for success!

How does a lactation consultation work?

  1. Register for my online booking platform (Healthie) by clicking the link below.  If you run into any booking issues, call us at (406) 490-3316

  2. After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email asking you to complete our intake forms.

  3. Once you've completed the intake forms, book your appointment from the home page in Healthie

Does insurance cover these services?

Insurance coverage for lactation services can be complicated.  I partner with the Lactation Network to offer coverage by some insurance providers

Current plans that may be covered are Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, and United PPO.

To find out if your insurance qualifies for coverage through the Lactation Network, click the link below.

  • Planning to go back to work

  • Prenatal education

  • Breast pump support

  • Post tie release latch assessment

  • Bottle feeding/Combo feeding

Areas we can help with:

  • Difficulty latching

  • Slow weight gain

  • Breast or nipple pain

  • Low milk supply

  • Tongue or lip ties