Breastfeeding Confidence

Hello! I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas! Today's post is about my own struggle with lack of breastfeeding confidence.

I was recently talking to one of my friends who is a pediatrician about my current situation with breastfeeding my son. I told her that I needed a lactation consult just for someone to tell me that everything was going fine with our breastfeeding journey. As a medical professional (dietitian, lactation consultant), it can be difficult to take your own advice sometimes! It's similar to when I hear nurses talk about how cool, calm and collected they are when faced with medical issues with all patients but not so much with their own kids or family members!

So let's take a step back and talk about the events that made me start to lack confidence in my own breastfeeding journey! The first thing was when my son's weight was a little below what I expected it to be at his six month well-child visit. I am definitely hypersensitive to this because of my profession and also my experience with my daughter's poor weight gain in her newborn days. Our pediatrician said she was sure his weight would increase more at the next appointment and was not worried at all, BUT for some reason this small event caused a downward spiral of stress for me.

The next thing that caused some stress was when my breastmilk output while pumping drastically decreased for a couple of weeks. I was pumping about half as much as before. The decrease in milk output made it very difficult for me to have enough milk for him to drink while I was working (and our freezer stash was almost gone). One day, I even had to have my husband stop at my office to get a bag of pumped milk just to have enough for the day--ugh!