What is Stealing Your Energy?

Do you feel like you are always struggling to find the energy to conquer all the tasks on your to-do lists? It seems all too common these days that when you ask someone how they are doing; their response is that they are TIRED. If you constantly feel tired and overwhelmed, it’s probably time to identify things in your life that are stealing your energy. Although some fatigue is completely normal when you live a busy lifestyle, it is not normal to wake up tired and feel tired all day, every day.

If we all could just sleep as soundly as a baby or a puppy!

Here are some of the most common energy zappers that are likely contributing to your overall lack of energy:

1. A diet full of low quality foods

2. An irregular eating pattern

3. Lack of movement

4. Lack of natural light

5. Inadequate and/or poor quality sleep

6. Chronic stress

7. Burnout and over-extending yourself

8. Daily habits that do not support your goals

(In addition to the above list, there are certain medical conditions that can cause extreme fatigue. It is always important to talk to your doctor about any specific symptoms you may be having!)

Can you identify any of the above items as your energy zappers? Personally, I need to work on movement, natural light and burnout. Once you have identified which areas you need to focus on, it makes it much easier to set small goals for yourself to increase your energy levels! When you are already exhausted, the idea of implementing changes to improve the above areas can sound so exhausting. But, there are very manageable changes that can be made without adding more stress to your plate.

I am hosting a group wellness program that will focus on all of the energy zappers listed above! This program is called “Best Life, Revitalized”. It will include 5 weeks of virtual group meetings. Each meeting will focus on a different topic and provide research-based information about energy zappers and how to make lifestyle changes to revitalize your energy levels. The p